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The Right Intrapreneurship Idea

What do you need to be thinking about?

Taking influence from the Japanese Ikigai Concept, the “right” idea for an intrapreneur is the intersection of the four following concepts:

  • What the World Needs
  • What People are Willing to Pay For
  • What Your Company Does Well
  • What Excites You


Ideas come from gaps which people have neglected, and not thought of before. We just need to learn to look for them. People talk about the more mainstream topics, but if you read between the lines then you may find an inspiring idea. Find ideas that people are willing to pay for. We always approach ideas from the problem first. Once a problem is discovered, then reversing that to find a solution that people will want is more simple than you think.

A good idea comes from knowing the corporate well. Good intrapreneurship ideas leverage the corporates existing business model in order to get to market quicker. If you know the types of business the corporate are involved in, it makes idea generation much easier.

Passion and drive are needed to make an idea successful, that is reflected through the employee. What motivates you as an individual will be crucial to generating an idea, as there will be synergy between your passions and the corporate. What idea bridges that gap?