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Learning with the 0-1 Challenge

How does it all fit together?

The 0-1 Challenge looks to cultivate an innovative and forward-thinking culture within the organisation. In addition to the capture and selection of great ideas across the EMEA&CIS region; L Marks have created a full learning programme for participants to take part in.

Thanks to this extensive programme, the selected teams will have the opportunity to learn alongside their work on idea development. This extensive learning programme gives all intrapreneurs the chance to get real knowledge in taking an idea and turning it into a prototype and business case.

Through 3 stages, intrapreneurs will first understand the Methodology and Ideation techniques, then Product Development and Business Modelling stage which will allow intrapreneurs to expand on that initial idea through finding the gaps, building a prototype and eventually – testing the market.

L Marks team is here to support all the intrapreneurs. Through their knowledge in the area of innovation, their network of expert mentors and start-ups who will be brought into help teams succeed, and learning content full of templates, presentations, reading, quizzes. The 0-1 Challenge is an immersive programme which will enable the employees at Sumitomo Corporation to become the champions of innovation within the business.