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0→1 Challenge 2021

Innovation powered by you

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Meet our Pitch Day Participants

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Simple & Easy G

Simplification of Corporate Governance laws for verification of compliance with G aspects of ESG principles.

Thais Nakashima
Vanessa Soares Lanfranchi


Platform via Smartphone for support on Coffee Supply chain

Lisset Morales
Nanri Takuya


Production of renewable Jet-fuel fromGreen algae's farming /CO2 capture /Desert's sun light in Chile.

Carlos Espinosa Robles

Jalepenos FEVI

App to explore the real facts of the nutrition values for all kind of food and drinks (packages and fresh)

Esmeralda Escobedo Cantu
Yasodhara Berenice Rojas Garcia
Oscar Humberto Ramirez Granados

Equipment Rent + Kazien Manufacturing

- A comprehensive cost management tool for small manufacturer
- Platform to connect renter and lender to utilize manufacturing machines and equipment.

Yusuke Mizui


An app that connects contractors with potential buyers and suppliers, in a markets, where there is no easy way of contacting people in need.

German Alberto Sourit Casas
Christopher Quinones
Andres Aladino Cuevas Sepulveda

Green Cube

An urban farming company, for delivery of quality produce to consumers & businesses using indoor hydroponics

Joshua Longman
Emily Lee
Julie Rosendos

Hear From SC Americas Executives!


The 0-1 Challenge is back, but not as you know it! SC Americas has partnered with corporate innovation experts, L Marks and this year, The University of Cambridge Judge Business School to help you learn new innovation skills, and discover new business opportunities during FY21 . The program will be headquartered out of SCOA’s New York office. All employees across the Americas are encouraged to participate by submitting an innovative idea, or finding a team to go through the learning experience with.

Participation in the program begins when you submit  an application form on L Marks’ online platform, called “The Bridge Portal.”  Promising ideas will move through a process that includes support and mentoring from experts in the industry, presentations at Pitch and Demo Days, interaction with SC Americas leadership, commercial proposition development and finally, investment decision.

All employees are invited to submit idea(s); permission or approval from supervisors or managers is not necessary.  One of the goals of the program is to bring together employees with ideas and the capability to create new directions for the SC Group’s sustainable growth.

So, if you have any kind of innovative idea, or even if you don’t have an idea of your own but are interested in being part of the Program, register now!

What’s happening and when?

July 14th 2021

September 22nd 2021

October 26th 2021

November 09th 2021

February 07th 2022

March 23rd 2022

The Benefits

Workshops from University of Cambridge Judge Business School

Become a member of the first cohort to participate in workshops from University of Cambridge Judge Business School.

Certification in Innovation & Intrapreneurship

Become a member of the cohort to graduate from the intra-lab and gain a certificate in Innovation &

Visibility and status among peers

By participating in the programme you will gain visibility and status amongst your peers as you are recognised as an innovation champion.

Grow your network & gain exposure

Gain exposure to company senior leadership and grow your network with people in your organisation and outside.

Transform your idea into a real business

Submit an innovative idea to improve or advance the business and you could have the opportunity to bring your idea to life.

Build knowledge & experience of innovation processes

Learn and practice new innovation skills, tools and techniques that you will be able to apply in your daily role to make you a “stand out” performer.

What people have said

What sponsors and startups had to say about their experience working together.

Our partner

L Marks is transforming world-leading organizations and establishing innovation as a key characteristic of their businesses through integrating pioneering technologies and inspiring an entrepreneurial ethos.

Working with some of the worlds’ best-known brands, including BMW, Lloyd’s of London, and Arsenal FC, L Marks is the engine powering innovation programs across various sectors and has launched over 60 initiatives across the UK, Europe, Israel, Japan, and the US.

Founded with an appreciation that collaboration is the accelerant for purposeful change, L Marks is combining expert mentorship, agile methodologies, and a results-driven approach to empower and equip employees to develop new ideas into business solutions, driving a dynamic culture and, ultimately, fueling growth.

Through creating these relationships and experiences, L Marks is sustaining the future longevity of business and making change happen.

L Marks
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